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Clear Tech Ortho is a clear removable cosmetic custom made appliance designed for control teeth movement of patients. Clear Tech Ortho technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward, backward, intruded, extruded, spaced using exact impressions taken by the dentist.

This technique has proven to be effective in clinical studies at universities and private practices worldwide. Thousands of dentists are treating patients with Clear Tech Ortho and you can too. Clear Tech Ortho invisible tooth positioners are the clear and simple cosmetic solution for dentists to realign and deliver the smile that your patients desire. Looking for an alternative to metal braces? Clear Tech Ortho is the clear and simple choice. No wires or brackets. Just clear, convenient comfort. Every reason to smile!

Clear Tech Ortho are comfortable, clear and easy to wear. Made from medical grade material, the Clear Tech Ortho are manufactured specifically for patient. The Clear Tech Ortho are worn for 2 to 3 weeks periods which gently and accurately align the teeth to their desired position, helping patients to attain the perfect smile.

The Clear Tech Ortho are ideal for straightening out overlapping, crowded or spaced teeth. These aligners are removable and perfectly suited for day-to-day use. With no metal components.