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Clear Tech Ortho - Smooth and contemporary, correcting the position of your teeth.

Correcting the position of teeth with the aesthetic Clear Tech Ortho is an important form of therapy incontemporary orthodontics. This concept has proved particularly successful in many clinical cases of adult treatment. It ensures optimal treatment results, combined with high-level comfort. It offers you the security of an attractive, unimpeded smile. Clear Tech Ortho mean you can keep your attractive appearance. Other people will hardly notice you are wearing a aligner, because the Clear Tech Ortho is transparent and smooth, without any screws or brackets.

Clear Tech Ortho adapts to each patient’s rhythm of activity with its totally unprecedented system of subtly alternating pressures that provide different correction during the day and at night. With Clear Tech Ortho, you can offer a very simple but highly effective orthodontic solution. Reduced treatment time and an esthetic, transparent appearance make Clear Tech Ortho a perfect lifestyle fit for today's adult patient. Discover the advantages of this promising dental alignment system!
Clear Tech Ortho can be removed at any time and are made from flexible synthetic materials for unmatched comfort and convenience in everyday use. A practically invisible orthodontic solution that is barely even noticeable to the wearer – a perfect fit for patients’ active lifestyle. Total comfort together with conclusive treatment results will reflect positively on you and your practice.
Clear Tech Ortho was designed with great emphasis on patient comfort. The result is a completely painless method of orthodontic correction. Clear Tech Ortho are so comfortable patients will forget they’re there.
With Out Metal
Clear Tech Ortho that make up transparent and surprisingly lightweight. They have no metallic components. The Clear Tech Ortho system is a major step forward both medically and esthetically. Clear Tech Ortho provide imperceptible orthodontic correction and maintenance